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Author: Rachel St. Hilaire

I love that when its on

  • Review Add on: 17/05/2016
  • Average Rating:

This is such a sexy little outfit. It actually comes with a cute little g string as well. I love that when its on, my stomach looks so much smaller because it's sucks everything in nicely. It makes me feel more confident when I was wearing it and it is even comfortable enough to wear underneath an outfit if you wanted to suck your stomach in for a night out. I love the look of the lace up in the back, it gives it an extremely sexy look. It is very comfortable all around and I like how I can wear the bra of my choosing when wearing this.

I have been extremely happy with this and I honestly could not be happier. I was lucky enough to be able to receive this for free or at a discounted price in exchange for my completely honest review. The shipping was very fast and got to my home quickly without any issues or delays along the way. I am for sure giving this a 5 star rating becaus I have tons of positives to say and absolutely nothing negative to say. The quality is so wonderful.

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  • lace corset
  • waist cincher corset

Author: Sheri

Four Stars

  • Review Add on: 23/09/2016
  • Average Rating:

Worked great for my daughter in law on her wedding day to my son.

Author: Grace

Five Stars

  • Review Add on: 11/11/2016
  • Average Rating:

Love it want more colors

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